Nov 14, 2021 

“I say it ends now!” The latest statement from Mr. Grinch in his Stop the Merriment campaign.  Mr. Grinch warns the community of decorating for the holidays, explaining decorations lead to singing and joy and merriment. He also visited a school function in hopes to persuade teachers to Stop the Merriment in the classrooms. It does not seem he’s made much leeway there, but he says he won’t give up and hopes everyone comes out to support him on Dec 18 & 19 at The Eagle Theatre in Sugar Hill, where ALL STARS Performing Arts will be presenting An ALL STARS Nutcracker and he plans to put a stop to it.  He claims the ALL STARS Nutcracker is the epitome of holiday joy, and states “if I can stop that, well, the rest is like taking candy from a baby.”  Tickets to An ALL STARS Nutcracker available now.
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Nov 1, 2021 

Whoville community cannot stop Grinch's campaign.  Mr. Grinch went out on Halloween to knock on doors to either persuade residents to support his efforts to stop X-mas, or remind the already persuaded to turn out for his takeover.  We asked him why go out on Halloween— This video shows his response.   Team Nutcracker, as Mr. Grinch’s opposers are calling themselves, were also out pleading their case to help them stop the Grinch’s plans to stop the joy and destroy X-mas.  While Mr. Grinch is confident his case is grand enough for our readers will join his cause.  Whichever team you are on, Team Grinch or Team Nutcracker, be sure to witness it yourself on Dec 18 & 19 at The Eagle Theatre in Sugar Hill.
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Oct 27, 2021 

🤢 Mr. Grinch’s “Stop the Merriment” campaign took a step forward last night at White Oak Elemetary’s Trunk or Treat.  He and his trusted campaign manager, LeFou Mouse, gained many new supporters in his quest to put a end to X-mas. 

🎄But he had strong opposition from representatives from Whoville and Land of Sweets.  They brought candy and wise words against Mr. Grinch’s intentions. 

🎭 Both parties are pleading for the community to come together at the Eagle Theatre 

 in Sugar Hill on December 18 & 19; Mr. Grinch to have everyone bear witness to his takeover, and The Who’s  in hopes the community will support their right to come together and celebrate the holidays. 

 🎟 You can get tickets here: TICKETS

🗞We’ll continue to keep you abreast of this intense story. 


Oct 21, 2021 

"It’s time to gather and share our motto, 'Stop the Merriment’.” This has been repeated over and over by Mr. Grinch everywhere he goes. 

Mr. Grinch himself contacted our office to announce he will make his first personal appearance on Tuesday, October 26, from 6-8pm at White Oak Elementary’s Trunk or Treat event; an event he finds most fitting, given the very scary nature of the X-mas holiday he so persistently is trying to put an end to. 

Mr. Grinch states, “I will hand out flyers and speak with the people who need to understand X-mas is not necessary and not welcome— too much icky family traditions and too much joy!" 

He repeats his request for the public to attend The Eagle Theatre performances of An ALL STARS Nutcracker to witness for themselves, his takeover and triumph over this terrible holiday. 

Sources tell us some members of the Whoville community are planning to confront Mr. Grinch at the Trunk or Treat event.  We’ll just have to wait and see how the night will go. 

Continue to visit the Grinch Stop The Merriment Campaign webpage often to find out more about Mr. Grinch's campaign, where he will be rallying, see interviews, and keep abreast of this developing story. 

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