"I brought my teenage son and daughter to the January 2019 free dance week and the rest is history! My daughter was with another dance studio and in one week she knew All Stars was a better fit! My son had not danced any where and he has wowed everyone who seen him dance! 
Thank you Ms Victoria, all the teachers, and ladies at the front desk we love you❤❤" -- Sheila Bayne

"I can’t say enough about All Stars Performing Arts. Not only are they “our” dance studio but they have become our family. (This is such a great thing considering Katie spends almost as much time at dance as she does at home.) Last night we were treated to this year’s student choreography. 10 wonderful dances were performed – all choreographed by All Stars students ranging in age 10-18. They were fabulous!!! Today we began our day listening to the podiatrist and the physical therapist for the Atlanta Ballet discuss injury prevention with our dancers (very informative session!). Afterward, a big group of us headed off to Berry College in Rome, GA to see “our daughter” Alexia perform with her college dance troupe. Alexia was spectacular and made us all so incredibly proud. I love the strong example she is setting for all our dancers. We had a lovely lunch post-performance and took a driving tour of the Berry Campus. Love Love Love the campus! So I’m thinking that Alexia may have started a new All Stars tradition. Parent weekends at Berry would be so much fun!!! Tomorrow the All Stars weekend continues when Katie and her fellow NHSDA chapter peeps teach a group of foster kids dance followed by more recital pictures. Great weekend!" -- Jennifer Kowalewski

(after Rock Academy's 3rd annual recital) 
Alex,  Just a note to say THANK YOU! To both you and Victoria, for all the hard work, time and dedication you have invested in the kids of the Rock Academy. The show last night was like nothing I've ever experienced before, and I've been to music and dance recitals galore! I could tell Gia really had FUN performing last night, it was awesome to see!  Also, I wanted to thank Cris. He is such a remarkable young man, and I know you are so proud of him. Not only is he super talented, but his heart shines through in everything he does. He is so good with the kids. He brings joy and light into this world. We are blessed to be a part of the AllStars Rock Academy family!  PS - The Adult Jam band rocked it! It was great to see how much fun they were having! :) -- Shannon

(after Dance Academy's 6th annual dance recital) 
"Dear Miss Victoria, I’ve always believed in letting the people who bring me joy to my life, whether our time together is brief or not, how they have refreshed my spirit.  There are so many dark moments in the world, and I think it’s important to let the shining, happy moments be recognized.  I hope you won’t think I’m odd for saying what is in my heart, and understand it for what it is….recognition of the great joy you and your family bring to me and mine. You all are the original “All Stars!”  From your own beautiful (in form and inner spirit), and talented self, and your sweet, handsome husband who always has a smile for everyone, especially when he is making everyone look so good.  To your incredible mother, Miss Yoli, whose talent, strength and beauty are timeless.  Finally, your amazing children, Miss Alexia, our gorgeous grad, who will bring her talent, her confidence, her classic beauty and fortitude along with all the gifts from her family out into the world to be successful at whatever she puts her mind to, just as she always has in her dancing and teaching.  Our dear Mr. Chris, who smolders on the stage until he ignites the fire of his masculine grace, his inner strength and talent that is so obvious, as is his mischievousness that makes us genuinely smile in our hearts.  And, oh, our Miss Karina, her bright, shining smile, her flawless dancing, her great promise, the talent and beauty is almost ethereal as she gives her all for her dance. An angel of dance. I know you all work so hard.  All of you.  It is also very obvious that you love each other fiercely, too.  You each complement the other, there is give and take.  Our Lorelei is able to feel like family too, safe, loved and nurtured, when she studies with you all.  I’m sure all the children who come to your studio feel that way.  Miss Victoria, you give so much of yourself, tirelessly. You teach, inspire and create dreams.  Like all great muses of the theater, you create a place where we can forget the daily events of life, transporting us to the extraordinary.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you do, not only in giving us the exhilarated feeling from the programs that you create, but for what you give to our granddaughter.  She is never so happy as when she can dance, and you have given her that.  And I wanted you all to know that you bring great joy and renewed spirit to me and mine.  With much respect and love, Lisa Jackson (Lorelei’s Oma)" 

"Just amazing Allstarsperforming Artsacademy. I'm blessed beyond measure" -- Kellie Austin 

"Showtime! Allstarsperforming Artsacademy put on a phenomenal show this year. So proud." --A. Daugherty 

"So proud that we have a National Honor Society for Dance Arts chapter at ALL STARS Performing Arts and that Emily is a member and was inducted last year into the junior chapter. Watching them share their love of dance with the community through their Dance Days program is amazing!" -- Liz Bryner

"All Stars, congratulations on 2 outstanding shows!! The dancers become more amazing every year! My heart was moved." -- Laura Brockman 

"Such an amazing day! Everyone did such a great job and I am so proud of my little Aurora. Lorelei had an awesome time doing her first cast part, and she even got to stay after for people to take pictures with her. I am so blown away by how much Allstarsperforming Artsacademy really outdid themselves this year, the show was phenomenal!" --Emily Jackson 

"I can't say enough about our experience with ALL STARS Performing Arts over the past 6 years. The family, the support, the love. Thankful that Emily will still be in the acting department but next year there will be a big hole in our lives." -- Julie Farmer

(after Dance Academy's performance at Gwinnett GLadiators last game of the season) 
Victoria, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for bringing out your All Stars Performing Arts Academy this past Saturday.  Unfortunately, I was in the locker room during the intermission, but when I returned to our suite - I had several guests tell me that the performance was outstanding.  I heard the same thing from a few season ticket holders later that evening.  Clearly, it was impressive.  My compliments to you and your performers. I hope that everyone had a great time and enjoyed the game.  We all hope to have you back again in the future. -- My best, Steve Chapman, Team President, Gwinnett Gladiators Professional Hockey/ECHL Affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes 

(After a show for the seniors’ group at McKendree UMC)  “Victoria, When we got in the car to go home tonight Lauraina told me tonight was her favorite performance so far.  She was talking non-stop about how much fun she had & how sweet the man was that she ate dessert with.    She even shed a few tears & said “Mom I’m so proud of myself for not being shy”.  It was another magical moment in her life I got to witness. Thank you & your family so much for offering these kind of experiences to our kids.  We LOVE Allstars!!!” -- Wendie Horack 

“Thank you so much Ms. Victoria and everyone at Allstars for helping me be the dancer I am today! I already can't wait for next years recital! Coming to Allstars really helped me not only with my dance technique but also with becoming a more out gong person! And thanks to you Ms. Victoria I am now more confident about myself. Allstars truly changed me:) You have a very nice studio here and I love all of the girls that are there! They were my friends when I needed them an they were always there for me when I needed them:) Thanks again, and thank you for putting together a great studio with great girls!! Love you all!” --Siena Strothers 

(From Facebook)  “Emily had her dance recital last night. I was blown away. What an amazing show. You could see how much all the dancers loved what they were doing. I'm so thankful we chose Allstarsperforming Artsacademy for our dance school. Amazing teachers at all levels and an amazing director who loves every single student!” -- Elizabeth Bryner 

“I cannot express how much fun we had watching everyone perform!! This took a heck of a lot of work and it showed!!!! It was magical, funny, emotional, joyous, all in one show!!!! Thank you Victoria, Alex and TEAM, it was FABULOUS!!!!!! Can't wait for next year!! :)” -- Shannon Kruger-Wagg 

"Oh my gosh, that was one of the best productions I have ever been apart of!  You and everyone did such an amazing job! I had so much fun!  Thank you so much for being so encouraging to me and for teaching me so much more than even dance. You have taught me how to be a confident star in every way. I love you Victoria. Thank you for being such a positive role model in my life. "-- Love Always,  Caroline Brown” 

"You did an amazing job, it was an amazing show ... it is now the show that I will be raving about. I have always commented on the production that our last studio puts on, but you topped that!!! It was very worth the effort.” --Liz Werrbach. 

"Hi Victoria!  Just want to congratulate you on an incredible show yesterday!!  It was amazing, and I credit that to all the talented dancers but MOSTLY to your abilities and inspiration!  You are amazing!! Thanks for making Allstars such a positive, exciting experience for soooo many kids -- and their families!! Sincerely, Leslie (& Ellington) Hoffman” 

(after Dance Academy's 3rd annual recital)  Victoria, The 2012 Recital was an absolutely awesome show.  Congratulations to you and your team for helping the kids to achieve this level of performance.”--Karen Johnson 

(after Dance Academy's 2nd annual recital)  “Wow! I have been attending my daughters' recitals twice a year for the last 11 years. While I always enjoy seeing my baby girls dance, I usually dread the rest of the recital. ALL STARS 2011 recital was totally different!  The entire show was wonderful! It was entertaining and showcased all of the performers, not just a few of the oldest or the company. Every child who came out on the stage last night was a special part of the show and the smiles on their faces showed how much they were enjoying the show.  The dances were all long enough for the parents to be enthralled by their child, but nothing dragged on to make anyone uncomfortable! The Mother/Daughter dance brought tears to my eyes. There are so few opportunities in our modern world for that sort of special occasion. Thank you for providing that for those mothers and daughters. I hope that you will offer it again next year, because I certainly want to be able to dance with Lindsey!   Thank you, Victoria, for providing a dance studio that has not only nurtured my little girl's love of dance, but has also given her multiple opportunities to enjoy performing and sharing her love of dance with others. We can't wait to see what the next few years to bring as Lindsey continues dancing with ALL STARS! The recital last night may even have enticed her sister to get back to dancing!  Thanks so much!-- Jenn Wallace” 

(after Dance Academy's 2nd annual recital) "Alex, Miss Victoria, and ALL STARS, I wanted to congratulate you on a great performance this evening. We stayed almost to end (John Michael started to act up!) because we all couldn't get enough! Ava was so happy and excited she got to lead all the babies on stage. She said that Miss Victoria told her to be a star! I had tears in my eyes seeing my baby girl dance and not miss a beat. This has been my proudest moment yet.... Thank you again for a great job, well done." --Anne Marie Cataldi

“I had such a great time performing. It brought me back to my HS years. Thank you Victoria for your energy and positive attitude. I can't wait to see what you have for us next year!" == Lucelandia Hassell” 

“Thank you for an amazing recital! I've been to quite a few over the years and NEVER have I enjoyed one so much!" -- Julie Duncan Farmer” 

“What a WONDERFUL show last night!!!! That was absolutely the BEST recital I have seen, and I have seen plenty :) Great job to everyone and thanks so much for all you do!!!" --Jocelynn Cool

“Thank you SO much for a great recital...Katelyn and I had a blast! Thanks for ALL that you do! " -- Christa Berry Mottlau

“Thanks for a great 1st year! Kylie is having a blast! Awesome recital!! We appreciate all if your hardwork and behind the scenes! :)" --Stephanie Richard McCabe

“You are the BEST...absolutely marvelous, darling!  I am so thrilled that my granddaughter, Ariana Harper, is an ALL STAR!  She had an AWESOME experience participating in the recital, and I can't wait to view the DVD. Thank you for helping to MAKE THIS ALL POSSIBLE!!!   Thanks again for all that you do for the enrichment of the kids!  I am very proud to say that Ariana is a student at All Stars Performing Arts Academy...very proud, indeed!" -- Regina Wells

“Hi Victoria, you and all who helped you did an AMAZING job.  The show was beautiful and so much fun!  Nevie loved every minute of it and asked me last night "can I go on stage again tomorrow mommy?" lol!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Hugs,  Maria Billis & family” 

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Love you, the Michels Family” 

“Dear Ms Victoria, Thank you for organizing a great show. It truly brought out the best in everyone. I really applaud your hard work,commitment, energy and most importantly your friendly attitude during all of our practice sessions and the grand performance. Sanjita loved being on the stage and showing off in front of her family. Thanks again for everything" --Shilpa Prakash

“Hi Victoria,  On behalf of the Polanco family we want to congratulate All Star's for putting on a great show! We really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see next years!  Thank you,!" -- Monica Polanco 

“Victoria, I must congratulate you on a job well done.  Last nights performances were fabulous!  I had a great time and so did the crowd.  It was awesome.  I laughed and cheered the entire time.  Kaci wasn't feeling well all week but she pulled it out.  I am so proud of her.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!  We look forward to the next one! Kind regards, Stephanie. Washington” 

“Victoria and Alex and Family! GREAT SHOW.....my family was so blessed and thankful for the outcome and very impressed......Sweet sleep tonight you deserve it! Amazing................... truly! God Bless .....Much Success..... Hugs, Char” 

(after Dance Academy's 1st annual recital, 2010) “Victoria (and company),  I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how impressed I was with the performance on Saturday night.  We were thrilled that ALL STARS Academy was opening so close to our home when we moved to Georgia last summer.  I have to admit that Lauren left a dance company in Ohio that celebrated it’s 50th year with this season’s recital.  So, I was a little bit nervous about her experience at a new studio...but I can say that any worries I had have completely and 100% vanished!  The performance was very, very entertaining and professionally done!  The costuming was fantastic and we enjoyed the variety of music and choreography in the dancing.  Even the programs turned out beautifully!  I honestly could not notice many differences between her last performance in Ohio and her performance with ALL STARS.  That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment on your part.  Having said that, I cannot imagine how much of an effort this had to have been for you, your family and your staff to pull this off in your first year with this group of performers.  A special thanks from our family for all your hard work!!! BRAVO!!!   Oh, and WOW, the father-daughter dance! I cried the entire performance.  It was beautiful.  Thank you so much for that very special memory. We are really looking forward to next year!!!  Fondly, Kristine R.” 

“I am so proud of you, your mother, all your family, your academy, and in general my dear about everything.  I had a good cry yesterday with each one of the performances.  They were all fantastic. Incredibly divine.  I congratulate you.  I am proud that my daughter (who was divine) is participating in a studio like this one, where all there is is dedication, and, what is most important about you, and why I congratulate you, is the LOVE you give to everything.  May God bless you and fill you with patience always. I congratulate you.  Thank you, again, for everything, and continue like that, because you are doing very well. I am proud of you. With all my heart, Margarita, M.” 

“Victoria, Congratulations on a wonderful show. From the audience perspective it was perfect!  Now you can take that much needed “mini” breakdown :)  Thank you for all the hard work you and your beautiful family put into it!!!"-- Barbara D. 

“Dear Victoria, I was so impressed by the recital!  I can tell you all put a lot of work into it! Sincerely, Christina S.” 

“Victoria, What an amazing production!  I was unbelievably impressed.  Mariah has done performances before, and frankly I was less than excited.  I’m all for classes but thought the recital was a lot of time, effort and money for little outcome. You proved my expectations wrong. I was so impressed with the entire night.  Everything was flawless. And I was so overwhelmed with Mariah. It was incredible. I am so glad my girls have continued at ALL STARS. You are an amazing teacher, and in addition an incredible business woman and organizer.  What you pulled off was exceptional.  Mariah’s first ballet teacher attended the recital.  She was very impressed as well, and has been teaching dance for probably close to 20 yrs... Thanks again for everything." -- Kellie Austin 

“Thank you for an amazing experience!!" --Dawn B.

“My friends said I did really good! Thank you so much!  I had so much fun this year! Emily A.” 

“Hi- it was an amazing show-- all of Sienna’s grandparents were there and were thrilled!  Thanks so much- it was incredible! Becky S.” 

“Sarah was thrilled that so many of her family were able to come for the performance.  All of her grandparents were there.  If we move, she’s going to really miss jazz class and Miss Victoria.  You are her favorite dance teacher ever. Sincerely, Sherry R.” 

“Hello Victoria, You run a very impressive organization.  I am glad to have Rachel as a student with you. Regards, Paul E.” 

“The Christmas show was so cute. We had a great time watching everyone dance. The kids did a great job! Merry Christmas!" -- Lindsey Slinker

“Hi Victoria, I think you have a great facility and we look forward to coming back when Lauren gets a little older. Thanks again, Liz A.” 

“Kate cannot stop talking about the great time she had (at summer camp)...and as a mom it was so amazing to watch her glow!!!  Look forward to coming back!!!" --Julie Keres

Victoria,  Happy Happy Holidays to you and your family! I just had to send you a note this evening and let you know what a true light you are!   I love how you greet each child with an eye-level enthusiastic hello!  You make each child feel very special!  Your energy and complete positiveness was inspirational during a somewhat cold and rainy show!  You truly glow and I am thankful that you are a part of my daughter's life...who is my constant inspiration!  Thank you for a great day! Julie K. (Kate's mom)